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Why Disbands

If you had seen the four lads sipping pints in a Kuala Lumpur hotel bar, you might have thought – if you couldn't see their faces – they were just four Irish lads, abroad for work, catching up over a beer; chatting about going home, about the families, wives, partners and babies they had left behind, about the future.
What you couldn't have known – even if you could see their faces – was that these four fresh-faced young men with pints in their hands had just agreed to break up the most successful boyband in decades.
In doing so, they were waving goodbye to millions of euro; closing the book on a 14-year collaboration that had brought them 14 No.1 singles, 44 million album sales, 10 sellout tours – and riches beyond the dreams of (as their manager once labelled them) 'some cute culchies and a Dub'.

Down the hatch: From left, Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, and Mark Feehily reached their decision to quit in Kuala Lumpur
Down the hatch: From left, Kian Egan, Shane Filan, Nicky Byrne, and Mark Feehily reached their decision to quit in Kuala Lumpur

They were also turning their back on a £5m deal from RCA, the giant record company that also boasts talent such as Alicia Keys and David Bowie. And, of course, they were breaking the hearts of millions of fans worldwide – and none more devoted than those at home in Ireland.
But the truth is that the break-up of Westlife, while a shock to their devotees, had been brewing for more than a year. The group had been torn apart by concerns about their direction; a wedge had been driven between them by Simon Cowell's record label, Syco; and they were finding separation from their families increasingly unbearable. Despite all the money, the adulation and the achievement, Westlife, quite simply, had had enough.

While all bands experience various strains and stresses on the way – U2 recently admitted nearly breaking up during the recording of Achtung Baby in 1991 – Westlife had proved remarkably resilient. They had easily weathered the loss of Bryan McFadden... to the extent that it was he who was begging to rejoin them last week. The fact that three of the members – Shane Filan, Mark Feehily and Kian Egan – were all from Sligo had given them a strong bond, without ever suggesting that the fourth man, Nicky Byrne, was an outsider. They were still selling out Croke Park and their lustre appeared undimmed.
During 2010, however, they began to have serious problems with their longtime label, Syco – owned by Simon Cowell, the most powerful man in pop. Even the fact that they were managed by Louis Walsh, a close friend of Cowell with an unparrallelled track record, didn't help.

Family man: Nicky with wife Georgina and twins Jay and Rocco
Family man: Nicky with wife Georgina and twins Jay and Rocco

Westlife felt Cowell and his label had lost interest in them and were unwilling to co-operate with the singers' plans. The band felt the last two Westlife albums, Where We Are and Gravity, contained some of their best work, so good they felt that there were three singles on each – but the label seemed unwilling to back them up. 
The first release, Safe, limped into the British charts at No.10, their weakest-ever position. Beautiful Tonight had been earmarked as the second single but Cowell pulled the plug on any further releases.  
'This was when the cracks started forming within the band,' said a well placed source. All four felt Gravity was an 'incredible' album but Cowell wouldn't release any more singles. Cowell knew Westlife fans would buy the albums anyway so why waste money on videos and promotions for singles? It was February and the British leg of the Gravity tour was under way but only one single had been released. 
'Mark was very upset by this, having written on four tracks,' said a source. 'He desperately wanted the group to take control back from the Syco and made it clear to the others that if they didn't leave, the band was doomed. So they phoned Louis and told him the situation. The future of the group and their friendships were in jeopardy.' 

Family affair: Singer Shane Filan with his wife Gillian
Family affair: Singer Shane Filan with his wife Gillian

As the band began touring Britain earlier this year, the atmosphere had deteriorated to such an extent that the four members were not leaving their dressing rooms. Because of increasing frustrations, tempers were often lost backstage before gigs. Shane and Mark had chartered a private plane to fly them home to Sligo each night after shows – allowing them to make it home no matter what happened. Nicky was spending more and more time working with 2FM on the radio and was in constant demand. Kian's girlband, Wonderland – whose members included his wife, Jodi Albert – was on tour with Westlife, and the dual responsibility demanded 20-hour days for the singer, further fuelling stress. Shane, on the other hand, was preoccupied with his family as his daughter began school in Sligo.
At times, phone calls between the members ended in shouting matches, with Mark threatening to walk out on a number of occasions. Then, on March 14, a deal was struck with the record label – and it seemed peace had returned. After 10 years with Simon Cowell, Westlife were released from their contract. They would finish the Gravity tour and afterwards become free agents.
The singers had gained control of their music and could plan their own future. 'It was like a blood transfusion for the four of them,' reveals the insider. 
Within days, they had lined up another label, RCA – like Syco, still part of the Sony family. Louis used his connections to set up a meeting, and it looked like the group's fortunes were changing. As the band's future became more secure, relations continued to thaw between the singers. 
On March 25 they played the LG Arena in Birmingham, a venue they had performed at many times before. That evening, they met RCA to negotiate the terms of the album that would be Westlife's next step. 

Break: Bryan McFadden announces his departure from the group during a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, 2004
Break: Bryan McFadden announces his departure from the group during a press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Dublin, 2004

As Wonderland warmed up the crowd, a party of five executives listened attentively as Mark, Shane, Nicky and Kian discussed a greatest hits project. Louis waited nervously on the phone, eager to find out how the meeting had gone. 
Each member of the band would pick three songs for the record, along with four new tracks. These tracks would be worked on with producer John Shanks in LA and released as three separate singles. The record executives doodled on the paper tablecloth in the canteen. By 7pm, a deal was agreed – one album, a greatest hits tour and then a two-year break. 
A grinning Shane was unable to contain his excitement as he talked of the new contract, sinking back in his dressing room chair as a broad smile crept across his face.
'It's unreal and we are just over the moon right now to have done the deal,' he said.'We are still in negotiations with RCA over the finer points but we have signed with them for the Greatest Hits. It's a trial period because we aren't going to sign our life away to someone we don't know. We need to see that this is the right place and home for Westlife.' 
It was a statement that would prove prophetic – and one that hinted Westlife were no longer content to sit back and let executives manage their lives. The Gravity tour ended with four sold-out shows in Dublin's 02, after which the band flew business class to LA and recorded their new tracks: Lighthouse, Beautiful World, Wide Open and Last Mile Of The Way. Mark and Shane co-wrote two of the tracks. But Shane's foreshadowing became piercingly relevant in July, when manager Louis Walsh received a call from RCA. The label wanted to extend its relationship with Westlife – offering a £5m deal for a series of albums. 

Split: The line-up before they became a foursome
Split: The line-up before they became a foursome

Louis was ecstatic: but the band was not. Intent on following their hearts and their own paths, Westlife saw a downside to the deal. 
'Louis called the boys to give them the news expecting to hear excitement,' a source said. 'But the new contract would have them back recording in 2012 and touring again in 2013. 
'They were exhausted. They had their hearts set on taking a break. Life on the road had changed. And while the conditions had greatly improved – they enjoyed the best tour buses, five-star hotels and first-class flights – their personal situations had altered dramatically. They weren't twenty-somethings any more – they had responsibilities. 
'They were about to embark on a six-week tour of the Far East and the thought of working solidly for the next two years was too much to bear. Kian was going to be a father, Shane and Nicky were desperately missing their families. Mark, whose writing had taken him in a different musical direction, was keen to do other projects.'
They decided to call Louis and reject the deal. Their longtime manager already had an inkling that they might do exactly that. And he also suspected what would happen next.

Four-piece: Westlife perform live on stage at the Odyssey in Belfast, in March 2004. It was the first time the boyband have performed without Bryan
Four-piece: Westlife perform live on stage at the Odyssey in Belfast, in March 2004. It was the first time the boyband have performed without Bryan

After spending literally all of their adult lives together, the four band members were keen to focus on their own families and careers – hoping to enjoy personal time that was not always overshadowed by the professional. The boys began to ask each other whether they should carry on as a band at all.
Shane was already homesick when a cyber stalker threatened his family at home in Sligo. His decision was crystallised – he wanted to leave. 
Simultaneously, Mark was dealing with his own cyber stalker. He was forced to call British police after threats were made against him and his partner, Kevin McDaid. He also wanted to quit. 
Kian was now focused on becoming a father with his wife Jodi, and he had just landed a job as coach on the new RTÉ talent show, The Voice Of Ireland. He wanted to leave, too.
Nicky's stint on 2FM as a guest DJ had tapped into something of a talent and he found himself inundated with job offers. He was also homesick, missing his wife Georgina and his twins, Jay and Rocco. He wanted to leave. 
So on that fateful night in Kuala Lumpur earlier this month, the friends decided to invoke the pact they had made when Brian left in March 2004. They had decreed that if one member wanted to leave, they would disband. And now that all four were ready to leave Westlife, the decision was obvious – and easy.
'It was their decision, all theirs,' Louis told the MoS. 'That was always the way with Westlife and I had to respect that. Could they have gone on for longer? Most definitely. I would have liked them to take a break and come back with a covers album and a tour. 
But they all want to do other things. They have ended it on their terms and remain close friends. Had they gone on longer, who knows if that would happen?
'When the statement went out this week, I know that all four of them were hurting at the upset they caused their fans. But at least they will be able to give them a proper goodbye. And who knows what will happen down the line?'
And even if they choose to do nothing but enjoy the comforts of family life, they will still be able to bask in their riches – and in the fact that five kids from unfashionable parts of a little country called Ireland became the biggest thing since the Beatles. Not bad for a few cute culchies and a Dub…

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“We know we can sing. That’s the easy part,” says Shane Filan, one quarter of the most successful boy band of the last decade.
Twelve years, ten albums and 44million sales into their career, Westlife came to a crossroads earlier this year.
Did they stick to the winning formula that had produced 14 No1s (only three less than The Beatles), or tear themselves away from their comfort zone, shred the rule book and start again?
The latter, as it happens. And in emphatic style.
The quartet’s eleventh offering, Gravity, sees the Irishmen sail into uncharted waters, wrestle an unprecedented level of creative control and most critically of all – start believing in themselves again.
“It’s a really good album,” insists Nicky Byrne. “It’s one producer. It’s one sound. Maybe it’s taken us twelve years to get there. But it doesn’t matter. We’re here now.
“It’s the kind of record we knew we could make and we just needed the right person to deliver it with us.”
And that individual was legendary producer John Shanks. He steered Take That’s last two collections, was responsible for Bon Jovi’s recent reinvention and sculpted some of Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion and Sheryl Crow’s most enduring hits.
As sessions sprang into life this summer, first in London and then Los Angeles, it quickly became clear that the recording process would be radically different from anything the lads had ever done before.
Nicky recalls, “From day one John said, ‘I’m not going to be ringing Shane up and saying I want him in on Wednesday lunchtime and Kian in on Friday morning.
“’’If I’m going to do this, we’re all going to be in the studio together.’
“That was the first time anyone had ever said that to us. He made us feel like a real band again.”
And injecting that sense of coherence, togetherness and freedom was critical for the group. 
They had to confront some painful truths about how much creative steam they were lacking.
Shane admits, “We made some choices over recent years that we weren’t happy with. We got to a point where we were selling so much, we didn’t think twice about doing a Rat Pack album or an album of covers of love songs. They were selling millions, but we eventually realised we needed some original songs again.
“For us to keep going as a band, for us to remain excited, we had to write our own material, not just record other people’s songs.”
And collaborating with Shanks saw the lads flex song-writing muscles that had been little-employed over the previous decade.
Nicky explains: “It’s not like it was in the past where we had a lot of covers. John insisted we get involved. Now we’ve got an album of twelve tracks and four are co-written.”
Shane reiterates: “It was very natural the way we bonded with John. He really wanted to get us involved in each song.  We really feel like we’ve made this album together. We were there from the start to the finish. It feels like we were in the happiest place we have ever been making an album.”
Yet, one track confronts one of the most painful experiences two of the lads’ had ever gone through. 
Kian and Nicky’s respective fathers both passed away over the last twelve months and they explore their grief in the most personal song the group have ever recorded.
Too Hard To Say Goodbye is a tender, tear-jerking ballad that many will identify with.
“Myself and Kian lost our dads last year. My dad died of a heart attack over night and Kian’s dad died over the course of a year” says Nicky. “We were discussing the loss with John over lunch one day and he said, ‘Let’s write a song about it’. We had tears in our eyes when we were putting it together. But it’s one song we’re all really, especially proud of.”
Elsewhere on the collection can be found the results of a conscious effort to erase some of the preconceptions that have weighed heavily around the four piece’s necks for many a year.
Nicky explains, “I’m not boring. I know I’m not boring. 
“I’ve never liked the fact we got tarred with the brush that we were just these four lads who sit on stools, wear suits and sing slow songs.”
Beautiful Tonight echoes the crisp, euphoric electronic pop of Erasure, claims Shane, while banger No One’s Gonna Sleep Tonight is “Westlife does the Black Eyed Peas.”
“We’re twelve years in and all at least thirty years of age,” says Mark Feehily. “We could all go home now and we’d be alright for the rest of our lives.
“So, if we are going to make more records we want to do it well otherwise we don’t want to do it at all.”
And Gravity shows these four individuals to be men of their words...

Kian Egan Photoshoot in Fabulous Magazine

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Westlife Songs

Official Top 20

1  Uptown Girl

2  I Have A Dream

3  You Raise Me Up

4  What Makes A Man

5  Flying Without Wings

6  Against All Odds

7  Swear It Again

8  Queen Of My Heart

9  If I Let You Go

10  My Love

11  What About Now

12  World Of Our Own

13  Fool Again

14  Unbreakable

15  Home

16  Mandy

17  The Rose

18  Bop Bop Baby

19  When You Tell Me That You Love Me

20  Tonight/Miss You Nights

11999Swear It AgainWestlifeSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
21999Until The End Of TimeSwear It AgainAnders Bagge, Arnthor Birgisson, Christian Karlsson
31999Everybody KnowsSwear It AgainSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
41999Let's Make Tonight SpecialSwear It AgainAnders Bagge, Laila Bagge, H. Sommerdah, S. Diamond
51999Don't Calm The StormSwear It AgainArnthor Birgisson, Patrick Tucker
61999If I Let You GoWestlifeDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
71999Flying Without WingsWestlifeSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
81999Fool AgainWestlifeDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
91999No NoWestlifeAndreas Carlsson, Rami Yacoub
101999I Don't Wanna FightWestlifeSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
111999Change The WorldWestlife (not on US Version)Karl Twigg, Lance Ellington, Mark Topham
121999MomentsWestlife (not on US Version)Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
131999I Need YouWestlifeAndreas Carlsson, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub
141999Miss YouWestlifeJake, Rami Yacoub
151999Open Your HeartWestlifeAndreas Carlsson, Jake
161999Try AgainWestlife (not on US Version)David Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
171999What I Want Is What I've GotWestlife (not on US Version)Alexandra, Rami Yacoub
181999We Are OneWestlifeAlexandre Desplat, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
191999Can't Lose What You Never HadWestlifeDavid Frank, Steve Kipler
201999Story Of LoveWestlife (Japan Version)Anders Bagge Arnthor Birgisson, Patrick Tucker, Shepherd Solomon
211999That's What It's All AboutFlying Without WingsSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
221999On The Wings Of LoveI Have A Dream/Seasons In The SunKarl Twigg, Mark Topham
232000Tunnel Of LoveFool AgainDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
242000My Private MovieWestlife (US Version)David Kopatz, Jack Kugell
252000My LoveCoast To CoastDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Pelle Nylen, Per Magnusson
262000What Makes a ManCoast To CoastSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
272000I Lay My Love on YouCoast To CoastDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
282000When You're Looking Like ThatCoast To CoastAndreas Carlsson, Max Martin, Rami Yacoub
292000CloseCoast To CoastChris Farren, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
302000Somebody Needs YouCoast To CoastAndreas Carlsson, Jake, Jorgen Elofsson
312000Angel's WingsCoast To CoastJ. McCarthy, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
322000SoledadCoast To CoastAndreas Carlsson, K.C. Porter, Rami Yacoub
332000Puzzle Of My HeartCoast To CoastAndrew Fromm, Jorgen Elofsson
342000Dreams Come TrueCoast To CoastDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
352000Close Your EyesCoast To CoastSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
362000You Make Me FeelCoast To CoastMax Martin, Nick Jarl, Patric Jonsson
372000Loneliness Knows Me By NameCoast To CoastAlexandra
382000Fragile HeartCoast To CoastMcFadden, Egan, Filan
392000Every Little Thing You DoCoast To CoastSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
402000Don't Get Me WrongCoast To Coast (UK Version)Anders Von Hofsten
412000Nothing Is ImpossibleCoast To CoastMartin Brannigan, Rey Hedges
422001Queen of My HeartWorld Of Our OwnJohn McLaughlin, Steve Mac, Steve Robson, Wayne Hector
432001Reason For LivingWorld Of Our Own (Deluxe Edition)Byrne, Egan, Feehily, Filan, McFadden
442001Bop Bop BabyWorld Of Our OwnChris O'Brien, Graham Murphy
452001I CryWorld Of Our OwnDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
462001Why Do I Love YouWorld Of Our OwnElofsson, Magnusson, Kreuger
472001I Wanna Grow Old With YouWorld Of Our OwnEgan, Filan, McFadden
482001EvergreenWorld Of Our OwnDavid Krueger, Jorgen Elofsson, Per Magnusson
492001World Of Our OwnWorld Of Our OwnSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
502001To Be LovedWorld Of Our OwnSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
512001Drive (For All Time)World Of Our OwnSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
522001If Your Heart's Not In ItWorld Of Our OwnKipner, Andrew Frampton
532001When You Come AroundWorld Of Our OwnAsh Howes, Julian Gallagher, Martin Harrington, Richard Stannard
542001Don't Say It's Too LateWorld Of Our OwnAndreas "Quiz" Romdhane, Josef Larossi
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632002Never Knew I Was Losing YouUnbreakableMcFadden, Egan, Byrne, Feehily, Filan
642002UnbreakableUnbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1John Reid, Jorgen Elofsson
652002Written In The StarsUnbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1Andreas Carlsson, David Stenmarck, Nick Jarl
662002Love Takes TwoUnbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
672002How Does It FeelUnbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1Andreas "Quiz" Romdhane, Josef Larossi
682002TonightUnbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1Jorgen Elofsson, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
692003Where We BelongTonight/Miss You NightsByrne, Egan, Feehily, Filan, McFadden
702003I Won't Let You DownHey WhateverByrne, Egan, Feehily, Filan, McFadden
712003Singing ForeverHey WhateverByrne, Egan, Feehily, Filan, McFadden
722003HealTurnaroundNick Jarl, Savan Kotecha
732003ObviousTurnaroundAndreas Carlsson, Carl Bjorsell, Carl Falk, Didrik Thott, Savan Kotecha, Sebastian Thott
742003When A Woman Loves A ManTurnaroundAndreas "Quiz" Romdhane, Savan Kotecha
752003On My ShoulderTurnaroundSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
762003Turn AroundTurnaroundSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
772003I Did It For YouTurnaroundDiane Warren
782003Thank YouTurnaroundPerry, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
792003HomeTurnaroundAlan Chang, Amy Foster-Gillies, Michael Buble, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
802003What Do They Know?TurnaroundJ. McCarthy, Steve Mac, Wayne Hector
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902007Us Against The WorldBack HomeArnthor Birgisson, Rami Yacoub, Savan Kotecha
912007Something RightBack HomeArnthor Birgisson, Rami Yacoub, Savan Kotecha
922007When I'm With YouBack HomeJordan Omley, Louis Biancanello, Michael Mani, Sam Watters, The Jam, The Runaways
932007It's YouBack HomeSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
942007Catch My BreathBack HomeSteve Mac, Wayne Hector
952007The Easy WayBack HomeArnthor Birgisson, Rami Yacoub, Savan Kotecha
962007I Do (The Best Is Yet to Come)Back HomeMac, Hector, John Reid
972007Pictures In My HeadBack HomeArnthor Birgisson, Rami Yacoub, Savan Kotecha
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1002009LeavingWhere We AreBryn Christopher, Carl Falk, Steven Lee Olsen
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1032009Talk Me DownAWhere We AreSimon Petty
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1052009The DifferenceWhere We AreAnne Preven, Brian Kennedy Seals, Scott Cutler
1062009As Love Is My WitnessAWhere We AreConner Reeves, Jonathan Shorten
1072009Another WorldWhere We AreSophie Delila, Steve Booker
1082009Sound Of A Broken HeartWhere We AreJohn Reid, Louis Biancanello, Wayne Wilkins
1092009Reach OutWhere We AreChris Braide, Shazney Lewis
1102009I'll See You AgainWhere We AreAndy Hill, Shelly Poole
1112010SafeGravityJames Grundler, John Shanks
1122010Beautiful TonightGravityJohn Shanks, Paul Barry
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